Your world is not standing still; optimising performance while the trading landscape evolves is a challenge.

We recognise the value of human insight supported by the right technology and analytics framework. It is this combined expertise that can unlock the full potential of your trading strategy. This approach is at the heart of our electronic trading offering.

Because we are a full service investment house, our clients can receive a comprehensive approach to their global and local market investments – rather than just stock selection or execution of orders.


We provide access to unique liquidity, algorithms, execution consultancy, performance analysis and market structure expertise.

Our strength lies in being able to provide focused investment solutions which meet our client’s investment goals: to build and preserve their wealth.

The dealing team can assist founders and directors with off-market stock placement and sell downs to our institutional network.


Personal Advice

A qualified Private Client Adviser works with you to understand your current and future needs and draws upon the expertise of our in-house specialists to provide personalised investment advice.

Execution and settlement

Plug straight into the ASX with our super low-latency tech, and trade on the platform built for professional CHESS sponsored portfolio trading.

Online Access

Mutual Equity Client Access features comprehensive portfolio and market information, daily market commentary, high-quality research, ASX announcements and custom watch-lists.


Gain access to public equity offerings and other securities issues available through our corporate finance activities. With us, not just sophisticated investors can access placement issues handled our network all clients can.



Drawing on our knowledge of a wide range of markets, we provide advice & deal in:

Australian shares

Access the Australian sharemarket with the experience, market insights and research capabilities of one of Australia’s leading full service stockbrokers. Our team of Advisers provide personal advice and tailored investment solutions that suit your financial and investment objectives.

International shares

Unlock investment opportunities across all major exchanges around the globe with the same ease and convenience as investing in Australian shares. Our international shares service delivers an efficient and cost effective way for you to access global share markets.

Fixed income

Fixed income as an asset class performs in ways to protect a portfolio that equities and cash cannot. The performance of fixed income investments typically has a low correlation to the sharemarket – meaning a fixed income portfolio can potentially reduce volatility of an overall portfolio.


Becoming a client

Get in touch with a Mutual Equity adviser or we can call you.


Mutual Equity utilises IPO Watch

Take a look at the list of upcoming IPOs, review the Live IPOs, News and FAQs, then sign up to get access to offers.




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